Top 5 List of Best Debut Sci Fi Books by New Novel Writers


Being a huge Sci Fi and Fantasy fiction fan I thought I would create a list of the best debut books by new writers. Most of these are published as paperback novels as well as Kindle Editions online at Amazon.

Not only did I love these books the authors also got great reviews from publications that spot award winning titles. Other readers on Amazon also gave these books 4 or 5 stars.

Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy

Takes place in a universe where biocyph technology allows the re-engineering of entire planets using thought alone. The lead character Edie is a master of this science and is being forced to use her knowledge by the government, against her will. When she is kidnapped a wild fascinating adventure develops.

I discovered this book because the author used my instrumental track “Rapid Arc” in her trailer (below). Then I was fortunate enough to read the novel and I completely loved the depth and detail of the visionary scientific imagery. In fact, the book inspired me to write this post!

You can learn more about Sara Creasy at

Awesome trailer for “Song of Scarabaeus”! with “Rapid Arc” Free Royalty Free Music at

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu

Super funny novel about a son’s search for his father in time and space.

Takes place in a universe where time travel is commonplace and “How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe” is a book within a book. A very fresh, unique and colorful sci fi story.

Charles Yu is a National Book Foundation and Sherwood Anderson Fiction award winning author for his collections of short stories.

Read more about Charles Yu

CassaStar by Alex J. Cavanaugh

A great space fighter pilot story about a young flier with a secret talent. When one of the training instructors mentors the pilot they find themselves in a space war that puts both of their skills to the test.

Check out this stunning trailer! Learn more about the author at his blog.

The Breach by Patrick Lee

Former prisoner Travis goes for a hike in Alaska to get some perspective on his life. However, when he comes across a crashed plane where all the passengers are shot, his quiet time ends abruptly.

It turns out that the aircraft was carrying mysterious and dangerous technology that is the basis for a secret war.

Readers on Amazon call this one of the best action paced science fiction thrillers they have read and give the book plenty of 5 star ratings.

Read more about The Breach and Patric Lee on his Website at

best-sci-fi-authorsEmbers by Laura Bickle

This urban fantasy takes place in downtrodden Detroit where phantoms and dark forces spread negativity among the population.

The main character Anya is an arson investigator by day and psychic ghost hunter by night.

Then she senses a plot to set the whole city in flames and sets out to stop it with a team of paranormal sensitives.

Readers of dark urban fantasy will find this has every fascinating supernatural element of the genre combined with a fine crafted literary work.


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