New Science Fiction Anthology Featuring Best of Scfi Short Story Writers

There is a new science fiction anthology out called Pressure Suite. You can get it for your eBook or in print. The series of ten short stories totals about 200 pages. You can buy the book at or

Some of the stories include 50-Foot Woman Over Redgunk, Mississippi by William R. Eakin, Beyond Valhalla by Laura J. Campbell and The Sun Dodgers by Kate O’Connor. Check out the complete list at this science fiction books site.

The anthology has has been reviewed by The Dudeletter Book Review saying “…a good read, and for the low price, worth every penny…”

The publisher is Digital Science Fiction and they put out 4 anthologies a year like this. They work with emerging writers to produce fresh, unique books worth the read. If you are a professional science fiction writer, they even accept submissions through their site.

This is a cute video put out by Digital Science Fiction that takes a jab at the Sci Fi genre